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About Us

Embrace the call of comfort and join us for the ride as we introduce the world to a new dimension of bathtime snuggles. 

Warm as the fireside, soothing as the sea. Relax with fuzz, where it's easier to buzz. Soak up moisture, soak in warmth. In your after shower pleasure, you'll always treasure.

AROW9 was founded with a mission to resolve the contradiction that a soft towel can be an absorbent one as well. We set ourselves some rules; they have to be 'Plush', 'Soft', 'Absorbent' and last but not least 'Modern & decorative'.

We did just that! Trial after trial we tested the quality, absorbency, and the softness in multiple countries across the globe, with hard work and determination we landed on a manufacture in Turkey that provided us just what we were looking for and fulfilled the commitments we made to ourselves and to our future customers.

Try them for yourselves.

Aron & Jonah.